How to use the Cricut Design Studio

By | Sep 27, 2008

I recently came across this review on the internet of an instructional ebook that teaches you to use the Cricut Design Studio. I am intrigued because I don’t have the Design Studio yet and I am a bit worried about learning how to use it.

When I first got the Cricut Design Studio, I was so excited!! I already had my beloved Cricut machine, and I knew the Design Studio would make it even better and more useful. Using the Cricut as a standalone piece of equipment was so simple and straightforward, I expected the Cricut Design Studio to be the same. WRONG! I stumbled around with the program, tried to figure it out on my own with the help of the manual, no dice. It was just too confusing. Usually these kinds of things come easy to me so I really think it is a less than user friendly manual. Fortunately one of my friends recommended I learn how to use the Cricut Design Studio from an expert! I purchased the ebook below and the difference was night and day. This is what the Cricut Design Studio manual should have told me! Once I bought this ebook, I was up and running in a very short amount of time and accomplishing all kinds of cool new skills like welding, cutting multiple mats, welding within a frame, and a lot more. There is even an hour of video tutorials to help you out. Everything you need to know to take full advantage of your Cricut machine!

I don’t want to give away all the info in this wonderful manual out of respect for the author, so please check it out for yourself here. The cost is minimal and there is a money back guarantee.

So what say you folks? Has anyone else tried this ebook? I would love to hear some feedback. It looks super helpful… I think I’m putting it on my wish list along with the Design Studio Program!

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